Meet the photographer.

My name is Christina Zimmerman and I am a professional photographer based out of Murrieta in Southern California.

My love and inspiration for photography came from my passion for people and the creative capacity that humans possess. Before I even picked up a camera, I was a student of movement and light. As a dancer since the age of four, I learned about lines and how to connect moments to tell a story in a way that both challenges and invests in human emotion.


Exploring movement and light with a camera came naturally to me when I studied film and digital photography basics in high school. From there, I took my talents to Oxford University in England, where I studied photography and filmmaking intensively for a summer. Later, I graduated from Pepperdine University with a BA in Public Relations which gave me extensive training in marketing and social media trends. Fusing this knowledge with photography has given my craft a strategic edge, providing clients with personal branding and business leverage. 


With an impressive education and work history in photography, marketing, writing, social media strategy, dance, design, and more, my unique combination of creative and technical abilities makes me stand out as a creative strategist and content producer. 


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"What kind of photographer are you?"


The core of my artistry centers around my passion for helping people to see themselves and others in the best light possible. I experience so much beauty and unique life in each person that I meet, and too often people go through life without feeling really seen and recognized for all that they are. Human beings are extraordinary, but a lot of our potential is limited by the way that we view ourselves. I believe that a powerful photograph can change the way that we see ourselves and our place in this world. When we feel confident and in deep connection with the core of who we are, we have the power to elevate everyone around us. I hope that in this sense I can be a catalyst for positive change and effectively make the world a better place. 

So back to your question, "What kind of photographer are you?" 

My main focus is on portrait and editorial photography, but below is a list of all of the sessions that I offer:











It might seem like I've hardly narrowed it down, and you have a valid point, but each session resonates with my mission and skill set in a unique way. I deeply value being reliable, adaptable, and educated in all categories of my craft and I hope that that is recognized in my work. 

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I decided to become a certified makeup artist so that I could help my clients who might not feel as confident with that aspect of being photoshoot ready. It truly makes a difference when a client's makeup is professionally and strategically applied for the camera, lighting, and location. I hope that I can have more creative agency and help my models feel their best, putting everyone at ease and elevating the photoshoot experience altogether. 

Certified Makeup



Murrieta, California